A market tour in Hemingway’s footsteps – from the market of Place Monge to the Luxembourg gardens

A market tour in Hemingway's footsteps – from the market of Place Monge to the Luxembourg gardens

Discover Paris of Ernest Hemingway, George Orwell and Woody Allen

Ernest Hemingway first came to Paris during the 1920s, and almost immediately fell in love with this city. In this tour we will follow his footsteps, but also those of other famous Anglophone celebrities who lived in the neighbourhood around rue Mouffetard. This tour only takes place on Sundays, due to two very good reasons. Firstly, on this day the market of Place Monge comes to life with an abundance of fruits, vegetables, cheese, fish, meat, and other wonderful types of French food. The other reason would remain a secret, at least until 11:00… One thing I can surely tell you is that by the end of this tour, which will also take you to one of the most beautiful and lesser-known churches in the area, as well as to Luxembourg gardens, you will definitely understand why Hemingway named Paris a “moveable feast”.

What awaits you on this tour?

We will start the tour near the market in Place Monge, and from there continue to Rue Mouffetard, with its many culinary attractions. While there, we will explore the area where Ernest Hemingway lived and learn about his life there. From there we will stroll around the Pantheon, and find the exact place where the hero of “Midnight in Paris” got picked up by some friends from the 1920s. We will finish the tour in the Luxembourg gardens, and if the weather permits, we’ll have a picnic and eat what we bought in the various markets and shops.

What can you expect on this tour?

50% History and Art

50% Culinary

Where and when shall we meet?

We will meet at the entrance to “Le Petit Cardinal” Café (29 Rue Monge). The nearest metro station is Cardinal Lemoine (line 10). The tour starts at 10:00.

Want to join the tour? Got any more questions?

You are welcome to contact me on one of the following channels:

Email : [email protected]

Facebook: zvi chazanov

Skype : zvi.chazanov

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