Why should you discover Paris with the Francophile?

Discover the most special places

I’m sure you have already visited the Eiffel tower, winked at the Mona Lisa, and even went to Disneyland Paris. With me, you will discover the places most tourists don’t ever get to visit. Together we will discover the hidden treasures of Paris. I promise you that by the end of the tour, no secret shall remain hidden from you.

Hear stories you’ve never heard before

To me, one of the greatest pleasures is being familiar with the culture and history of the place. With me, you will find that behind every building, every square and every dish lies a spicy story. All of this, and much more, will be revealed to you as we stroll between the palaces, squares and hidden gardens…

Travel in small groups and in great company

My ideal tour is a tour with friends, a group that travels together, morning to evening, without having the guide “counting the minutes”; people who have come to see, to taste, to experience, to laugh, and most importantly – to enjoy their time together. For that reason, I prefer to guide relatively small groups, in order to be able to give each and every one of you my full attention, and make sure that the tour with me stays with you as an unforgettable experience.

So, whether it is your first time in Paris or your 20th time, I promise you’ll be able to find here an unknown treasure or an unexpected surprise you haven’t encountered before.

Which charming Parisian spots can you discover with me?

If you’re looking to learn more about the piquant history of Paris, this is definitely the tour for you. Almost every palace can tell you a story of forbidden love, and in every street or alley, you might still find ghosts of characters larger than life. But in addition to palaces, beautiful churches and gardens (some of them hidden), there are also boutiques and culinary institutions in the Marais, which you must visit. In short, this is an amazing microcosm, where the past and present become one.

Welcome to 19th century Paris! Allow me to offer you a tour that combines well-known tourist attractions together with secret treasures. We’ll visit two completely different gardens, Jardin des Tuileries and Parc Monceau, each beautiful in its own special way. Between these two gardens, we will discover some of the most beautiful Belle Epoque buildings, and visit some of the most important culinary spots. At the end of this tour, we will visit an unknown but beautiful neighbourhood, where the most famous courtesans used to live and spend their lovers’ money on their mansions. Beauty, culinary and piquant history – is there a better way to spend a Parisian morning?

So, whether it is your first time in Paris or your 20th time, I promise you’ll be able to find here an unknown treasure or an unexpected surprise you.haven’t encountered before.

The Notre Dame cathedral has become sort of a tourist cliché, but what happens when you “tour outside the box” and discover the magical streets around it? During this tour, we will discover two types of Paris – one is known and the other hidden. We will hear the story of medieval Paris, which disappeared during the 19th century, and see the beautiful 17th century buildings that can testify to the lavishness of the “grand siècle”.

And for those who behave, there will be very good ice cream at the end of this tour…

A tour in and between the covered passages of Paris. What can be both more touristic and more innocent than this? Well, think again…

Welcome to Paris of passions. We shall begin with the passion for good food, as we discover Les Halles, Paris former wholesale market. Even though the market is long gone, the area surrounding it remains a culinary paradise, as some of the best patisseries, boulangeries and cooking equipment stores can still be found there. But we shall also follow the carnal pleasures of the Parisians, as we discover innocent-looking buildings that used to house the most famous brothels in the 18th and 19th century.

Ah, and, of course, on our path we’ll discover a few covered passages, which are quite charming…

What, another Montmartre tour? Not exactly…

Indeed, we will see the overly touristic “I Love You Wall”, but only because it is situated near one of the last surviving original metro stations built by Guimard in 1900. Indeed, we are going to visit Place du Tertre, but we’ll elegantly avoid the portraitists, and instead discover the madhouse whose inmates managed to stop the Russian troops in 1814. In between, we will also discover Montmartre of the courtesans, of Picasso and of the movie “Amelie”.

So get your walking shoes ready, the climb is about to begin!

This is my only tour that can be held only on Sundays, because on this day the market in Place Monge is bustling with some of the best French culinary produce. Not far from there, something special takes place in rue Mouffetard…

This tour is one big, moveable feast – a feast of colours, scents and sounds. It is a tour dedicated to Ernest Hemingway, George Orwell, and even Woody Allen. Together we will find out why all three loved and hated the city at the same time.

This is a tour dedicated entirely to Anglophiles who want to become Francophiles and need some assistance…

Challenge the Francophile!

All the tours that appear on this page are based on tested routes loved by quite a lot of Francophiles. But what happens when you want to mix some of these routes, or perhaps discover an entirely different part of Paris? In that case, you are more than welcome to challenge me to create a customized tour that will fit you perfectly! This private tour will be comprised exactly of the things that interest you, be it French culinary tradition, art, history, and much more. And there’s a bonus part, too – if I believe that other Francophiles might also enjoy this tour, then I’ll add it to my guided tours and name it after you!

Oulala! I want to discover Paris with you!

הפרנקופיל בדרך לפריז

Excellent, I'm on my way!

In fact, it is not as simple as that… Unfortunately, I do not live in Paris, and I only come there on my vacations. So if you are planning to visit Paris in the near future, you are more than welcome to contact me in one of the following ways, and see if we are lucky enough to be in Paris at the same time.