Bonjour! my name is Zvi Chazanov and I am the owner of “Francophiles Anonymous”. Since I created this site at the end of 2013, people are asking me when did I leave France and other biographical questions. So for the benefit of all those who have to this page, here are some things you may not know about me …

Who wants to be a Francophile - Zvi Chazanov

I’m Not French

I know that this fact my come as a shock to some of my loyal readers, but I do not have a single drop of French blood flowing in my veins. I was born in Jerusalem, where I lived and worked until I was 33. After living for three years in Tel Aviv I moved to the island of Guernsey following a job opportunity I couldn’t refuse (yes, the same island where Victor Hugo lived involuntarily for 15 years). What’s funny is that everyone who meets me in Guernsey also thinks that I’m French so I guess that some things are simply not meant to change…

Before we continue: some very interesting exhibitions in Paris

But It’s Only In Paris that I Feel at Home

I do not know how to explain it exactly, but every time I come back to Paris I just feel like I’m back home. I have travelled a lot in the world, seeing breath-taking landscapes and cities, beautiful art, attractions and excellent food. Because of the fact that I have definitely seen the world that I can say that it now other city can’t be equal to Paris.

I’m Not a Tour Guide

I have a BA in French culture and an MA in International Relations from the Hebrew University. However since I finished my studies I have worked in the field of computer games and online media and I specialize in B2B and B2C marketing. In September 2015, while I was in Paris, the phone rang and a “head hunter” gave me an offer I could not refuse: to become the marketing manager of Eyecon , One of the leading companies in the field of on-line gaming (Did you like its website?I built it). Since the company’s offices are on the island of Guernsey, I had to leave Israel and move there for the next couple of years. And one last thing, if you’re a head hunter, a recruitment manager you’re more than welcome to visit my LinkedIn profile.

But I Really Love Traveling With People In Paris

About six months after I created “Francophiles Anonymous” I have been invited to host a chanson evening and although I have never been on a previous stage it has been one of my most fun experiences.Some time later I was offered a chance to show Paris to a  group of 12 women, even though I had never studied to become a tour guide. As  I strolled with them, I understood that there is nothing I liked more than to show the hidden secrets of the city of lights to “other people. So although, as I wrote in the previous section, my career lies in the marketing field once or twice a year when I visit Paris I can offer you to join me and offer you an unforgettable experience.

And one last thing, I have a little dream…

I spend many hours each day to bring you new information about France and I love it. My dream is one day to be able to invest 100% of my time into my site and not do this only during the weekends or early mornings. Since I’m in France only 2-3 times a year being a tour guide is no more than a hobby but not a way to make a living. Therefore, the only way, which might help me to make enough money to allow me one day to work full time in this site is through affiliate marketing.

The information in my site will remain free for ever so I wouldn’t ask you to pay for something that you weren’t looking to pay for in the first place. However, if you’re looking for restaurants, hotels, rental apartments or tickets to Parisian museums and attractions (which is always recommended to buy in advance) then I would be very happy if you could do this using the links and offers in my site. Everything that you’ll order using links in my site won’t cost a penny more (it might actually cost you less since some businesses provide me with a discount) and I will receive a small comission, which would help me to realize my dream.

Contact Info

My Email: [email protected]

My Private Facebook Page:

My Phone Number: +44(0)7911737600

The picture in this post was taken by Nir Yablonka.

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  1. Bonjour zvi
    C est drôle comme les chemins de la vie nous mènent ici ou là .
    Je m’appelle Sylvain Moreau je suis auteur compositeur et interprète français
    Vivant en Israël depuis plus de 16 ans
    Je voulais partager avec vous une de mes chanson “Anonymous”
    bonne chance à vous et bonne année 2021

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