A tale of two gardens

A guided tour between the Tuileries and Parc Monceau

A culinary tour between the Tuileries Gardens and Monceau Park

There is no place where the Parisian magic is more present than in the gardens of the City of Lights. In my opinion, the most charming gardens in Paris are Monceau park, which looks like something taken from a fairy tale and “copied and pasted” into the 8th arrondissement. This makes it into a more than a suitable goal for our trip. However, when the goal is so charming, you have to make sure that the road that leads to it is just as magical, as well as that, God forbid, you will not get to your destination hungry… but first thing’s first.

We will start our tour by the Louvre and visit its courtyard. From there we will continue to the Tuileries gardens and learn about the red goblin who lived in the palace that doesn’t exist anymore, and how the French fashion industry was born in this garden. If the smell of flowers makes you a bit hungry, don’t worry, because our next stop will be the Madeleine square, home to some of the most important pilgrimage destinations of the Parisian gastronomy. After buying an Eclair or two, we’ll continue walking around the 8th arrondissement, and follow the footsteps of Marcel Proust and many other exciting people of the Belle Époque. This will bring us to my favourite garden: Monceau park, the most magical garden in the City of Lights. But that is not all – we will finish our tour in a stroll around the charming neighbourhood surrounding the park, where we see mansions of courtesans and not even say bonjour to Alexander Dumas and d’Artagnan (the one from “The Three Musketeers”).

What can you expect on this tour?

50% History and art

50% Culinary

Where and when shall we meet?

We will meet near the entrance to Saint Germain l’Auxerrois church. The nearest metro station is Louvre Rivoli (line 1). The tour starts at 10:00.

Specific dates for the tour will be determined and published at a later time.

Want to join the tour? Got any more questions?

You are welcome to contact me on one of the following channels:

Email : [email protected]

Facebook: zvi chazanov

Skype : zvi.chazanov

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