French History

הרצח של לואי מאורליאן
France for Travellers

The murder in Rue Barbette

There are quite a few streets in Paris, that on first glance seem completely ordinary, and we cross them without even noticing, on our way

אוטל דה סולי
French History

Attractions in Paris – Hôtel de Sully

Very few are the Ministers of Treasury remembered fondly throughout history. One of those few is Maximiliam de Bethunde, duc de Sully (1560-1641), who, together

Mayonnaise. Photo graph by Jules
French Cuisine

Who invented the mayonnaise?

There is a well-known secret that no gourmet-aficionado would be willing to admit: sometimes, even those who adore the French haute-cuisine enjoy “sinning”, and when

המלכה מרגו
French Culture

The unlucky lovers of Queen Margot

Marguerite de Valois (1553-1605) was one of the most beautiful women in her time. Her blue eyes, lovely face, black hair and fair figure made