Bonjour! Where am I?

Welcome to Francophiles Anonymous!

Let’s start at the very beginning: Francophiles are not some sort of Necrophiles (although they love visiting the Père Lachaise Cemetery). They are simply people who love France and its amazing culture. So if you’re travelling to London, I’m afraid that this is where we shall part ways. However, if you’re about to book airplane tickets to Paris, then the fun is just about to begin! But before we begin, I have just one small question:

is this your first time visiting my site?

So what have you been up to lately?

With pleasure! There is nothing I like better than writing about Paris and providing information to newcomers, as well as people of who have visited Paris dozens of times. Although I have visited Paris more than 20 times, I still find many secret treasures every time I come to visit, be it a hidden garden, a romantic square or a piquant tale about a love story that took place in a building, which happens to be located just on the way to my favourite boulangerie. I record each of those little secrets on my blog.

So, whether it is your first time in Paris or your 20th time, I promise you’ll be able to find here an unknown treasure or an unexpected surprise you haven’t encountered before.

And if you're in a hurry, here are the most important posts...

פרנקופיל טס ימינה

Definitely! I love meeting my blog readers and helping them discover the charming and lesser-known locations in Paris. My boutique tours contain a mixture of piquant history, a little culinary and a lot of humour.

Would you like to learn more and check my availability?

נפוליאון פרנקופילים אנונימיים

I love Paris, but do you also have info about the rest of France?

Indeed I do. Although Paris is my favourite city in the world, that doesn’t mean that I didn’t explore the île-de-france region, visited the castles of the Loire valley, saw the beautiful coastline of Brittany and Normandy, and enjoyed the amazing food in Perigord. You can find all of the information I gathered, including interactive maps, in the “Useful Information about France” section of my blog.

מארי אנטואנט פרנקופילים אנונימיים

Does your site provide only tourist-related information?

Not at all. My greatest passion is actually French culture, and when I say “culture” I don’t mean only Victor Hugo, Sartre or any other name of a French intellectual spoken in a fake French accent. No! French culture is also lovers and mistresses, amazing food, chansons and comedies of Francis Veber. Sounds interesting?

Francophiles Anonymous - Louis XIV

In fact, I do. A few years ago I hosted a chanson evening, and found out that I really enjoy speaking in front of a crowd. As a result, I decided to create a series of lectures about French culture and the piquant history of Paris. I currently provide these lectures in Guernsey, where I live, but I am planning to give those lectures all over the world in the future. So, would you like to discover France and its culture without buying a plane ticket?